The 49 campaign

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How a community of love conquered hate

The face of change is A mosaic of love

onePULSE was ready to build their National Pulse Monument & Museum, commemorating the lives lost during the Pulse nightclub tragedy in June 2016. They were looking for supporters to realize their vision and help raise $49 million.

XDA powered a significant leap forward in their fundraising with a comprehensive social media-based crowdsourcing campaign to reach a million donors: OUTLOVE HATE. The online fundraising platform brought together a digital community of donors and created a viral custom portrait filter.

The movement swept social media, flooding social tiles with the colors of Pride, as donors showed their love, support, and solidarity. The digital community mosaic has a permanent, physical counterpart at the onePULSE museum and memorial.

The results

Joe Biden designated the Pulse nightclub a national monument
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