Cisco live 2022

Creative. Production.

How we put the live back in Cisco live after 2 years of digital events

Engaging a global audience with Immersive StoryTelling

Coming off two years of digital events, XDA was called on, once again, to inspire Cisco’s audience during their first in-person event since 2019.

XDA went ALL IN — with a stunning set design of dancing kinetic rings and mirrored discs, to jaw-dropping live performances that energized each day of keynotes — each moment on stage was part of a deliberate narrative framework that showcased how Cisco is shaping an inclusive, future of work. 

In addition to 10 keynote speakers on the main stage and special guest speakers ranging from Pharrell Williams to Mindy Kaling, XDA built and managed the Innovation Talks theater which hosted 16 tech and inspiration talks over the course of the 4-day event.

The results

In-person attendees (33% net new)
Global Broadcast views