Amazon Port at Cannes Lions 2023

Keynote Experience
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In a sea of creative stars, how amazon ads shined bright in cannes

Creating a powerhouse of thought-provoking content at the port

In its second year live since returning from a pandemic-fueled virtual run, Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity was full of impactful, visually-inspiring activations, and thought-provoking content. Standing out isn’t an option, it is necessity to get traction with attendees and industry leaders.

XDA partnered with Amazon Ads and Salt Productions to lead creative content and production of all live sessions within Amazon Port on the Boathouse and Plaza stages.

XDA designed and shaped all content stories, motion graphics, and interstitials, as well as managed celebrity and talent needs for each session — working across 6+ time zones to collaborate with Amazon Ads, Prime Video, Twitch and Amazon’s DEI Team to bring important voices and perspectives to Amazon Port.

The results

On-stage Sessions
Full Days of Live Content
“XDA was awesome, never missing a beat. Thank you for being part of our team!”