Oneplus 11 product launch

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How we unleashed the power of the OnePlus 11

Why settle for cloud 9, when you can reach cloud 11

Living up to its ‘Never Settle’ motto, OnePlus elevated its latest phone’s specs to the max. Launching this super-charged flagship, OnePlus needed to authentically communicate its benefits to their discerning, non-conformist community and engage broader audiences with a disruptive approach.

XDA built a global campaign and crafted the overarching theme “Cloud 11” for a suite of flagship products launching alongside the OnePlus 11. We amped up anticipation by visually teasing the products through campaign visuals that came to life as 3D renders closely tied to the campaign theme, and then encouraged sales through a series of four videos illuminating key features and improvements of the OnePlus 11.

Additionally, we created an out-of-home competitive campaign with cleverly-worded ads that poked fun at other smartphone brands near the competition’s flagship stores. And also produced a watch event for media and the OnePlus community in NYC where fans could view a livestream of the Launch Event in India and demo products.

The results

After launch, OnePlus succeeded Initial sales Markers
OnePlus 11 Surpassed Sales Goals
Media + VIPs attended the live Watch party in NYC