Comic-con 2019

Creative. production.

Putting fans in the center of the lego universe

From your wildest imagination to the palm of your hand

LEGO was looking for a way to ignite fans’ imaginations at one of the noisiest events of the year: Comic Con. So we empowered each fan to join the LEGO world and become a hero in their own story.

Through two ultra-shareable activations — fans first generated a digital LEGO-ized version of themselves through a custom app, and then dropped themselves into one of three LEGO worlds: Star Wars, Batman or Spider-Man.

Fans then received an incredible 10-page custom comic book that turned them into the heroes in their own adventures, along with their real-life custom LEGO mini-figure that could go onto explore 18 physical brick-sized fantasy worlds in our LEGO mini-museum for 18 heroic photo opps.

The results

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“Congrats to XDA for taking a leap of faith.The effort exemplifies the best of LEGO: It required curiosity, focus and a brave team.”
— Brand Relations, Experiential Lead