Shifting culture starts in our own backyard.

People first, always.

Creating better means Always asking—How can we push it? 
How can we make it better?

Because if we aren’t creating better work, or creating a better place to work
—then why create at all?

This is shifting culture by creating it. 
It’s knowing how to dream with your feet on the ground, While believing mountains were made to be moved. 

Meet the team

A little wild, a lot inspired.
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Mikhail Arzumanov
Senior Design Director
Melissa Ackors
Senior Project Manager
Trici Lansdowne
Executive Creative Director
Steve Shlansky
Chief Executive Officer
Sindhu Krishnan
Senior Accountant
Sandy Grady
Accounts Receivable
Robin Gold
Executive Producer
Rachel Kava
Head of Production
Rachel Hermansader
Head of Transformation
Meghan Moran
Senior Director, Client Experience
Matt Schrader
Head of Client Experience
Lauren Hendrick
Associate Director, Client Experience
Kyle Kirkup
Senior Designer
Kim Bertrand
Production Coordinator
K Seward
Chief Operating Officer
Katie Muller
Katelyn Thompson
Josh Rayburn
Operations Manager
Jessica Musick
Group Director, Client Experience
Jade Arnone
Associate Director, Client Experience
Hannah Snell
Georgia Gooding
Production Coordinator
Gennet Lemma
Accounts Payable
Emma DiGiammarino
Craig Boyajan
Senior Producer
Clint Washington
Senior Director, Strategy
Cindy Ay
Senior Designer
Ben Shlansky
Director of Operations & Technology
Austen Denenny
Associate Producer
Anna Mazzotta
Production Coordinator
Anna Mader
Head of Creative
Andrea Argiro
Executive Producer
Amy Williams
Executive Producer
Alex Pfander
Senior Producer
Alex Kolbe
Creative Director