XD Agency Wins Best Cause / Community Program In 2022 Ex Awards

XD Agency Wins Best Cause / Community Program In 2022 Ex Awards

XD Agency Wins Best Cause / Community Program In 2022 Ex Awards

XD Agency is excited to announce our work with Warner Media WON Best Cause / Community Program in the 2022 Ex Awards for the Cartoonito Mobile Tour. This one is near and dear to our hearts and we’re thrilled to celebrate this win with our awesome Warner Media clients! 

This seven-city tour was designed to surprise and delight preschoolers with fun activities that brought to life Cartoonito’s mission: To celebrate kids in their unique, unfiltered glory - quirks & all.

The creative strategy was to leverage the Cartoonito brand ethos to get families pumped about the new programming while serving an important need in the community, school supplies to support education.

The team selected natural places for creativity and learning, Children’s Museums and schools to host the mobile tour that hit Nashville, Atlanta, Boston, New York, St. Louis, San Diego and Los Angeles.

The on-site experience featured what visitors thought was an ice cream truck, but instead, was a place where they could order customizable Cartoonito branded backpacks filled with essential back-to-school supplies. This branded, bright, and colorful ice cream truck also served as an amazing backdrop for photos that became the heart of the entire activation. Fun, interactive activities such as a “Patch Bar'' where preschoolers could customize their free Cartoonito-themed backpack, a coloring station where preschoolers were encouraged to draw outside the lines, a photo opportunity where kids and families could take silly photos with giant inflatable Cartoonito characters.

Kids were thrilled with a just-for-them activation. Families were blown away by the level of creativity and thoughtfulness of the experience. We exceeded the  backpack goal by 33% distributing 15,000 to pre-school kids in all. In addition to distributing 10,000 branded backpacks to pre-k students nationwide, the Cartoonito team partnered with charitable organizations, Teach for America and Kids in Need Foundation to further donate 5,000 backpacks to kids and families in need.

More than 5,700 people attended the Cartoonito Mobile Tour truck with an average dwell time of 15 minutes.