Royal Crackers Stunt

Execution. Production.

How we created the world’s largest cracker billboard

Cracking up audiences with Crackers + Raccoons

To launch its next big hit, Royal Crackers, Adult Swim wanted to give fans and media a glimpse of the chaos awaiting them. The show is centered on a family’s ridiculous and over-the-top efforts to get their cracker business growing again.

XDA partnered with Adult Swim on something equally wild: create a billboard made entirely of crackers and invite a group of raccoons to destroy it.

XDA collaborated with artists, animal trainers, and designers to create this cracker billboard. Adult Swim captured it all to create a 30-second video for social media to hype up the premiere. A second billboard was placed on Atlanta’s well-trafficked Beltline for added visibility.  

As the crackers fell off, it revealed the show’s tune-in details painted on the wood backing and a QR code to satisfy curious passersby.

The results

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