Porsche x Rolling Stone Engine Notes

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How rock and roll electrified the track

Dave navarro. 14 choreographed Porsches. Enough said.

To launch the all-new Porsche E-Performance models, we brought two powerful brands together — Porsche and Rolling Stone Magazine — in one of the most epic PR stunts of the decade.

This one-of-a-kind concert at the Porsche Experience Center entranced fans from the mosh pit to the pit lane with an all-star line-up featuring Porsche enthusiast Dave Navarro and The Royal Machines.

As the band played for 45 adrenaline-pumping minutes, a fleet of 14 Porsches raced across the track in a mind-blowing choreographed dance and light show. Navarro’s own guitar fed into custom light rigs — creating a sound-reactive sensory explosion that pulsed across the crowd, track, and vehicles.

The results

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Best Multi-Market Event (Consumer)
GOLD Best Experiential Event